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Build Audiences and Expand Your Author Platform with Social Media for Authors and Personality Brands

Ghost Book Writers offers Social Media Support and Social Media Management services. Both start with an audit of your social media platforms, or the creation of a plan if we’re beginning from scratch. This helps develop your strategy before going into action.

A large component of your author platform, meaning the primary touchpoints of your online brand, is conveyed through your social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, GoodReads and even your Amazon Author Profile are such touchpoints. Intertwined with your Branding and Content Marketing, having a strong social media presence that builds audiences is vital for authors and personality brands.

What Is the Difference Between Social Media Support and Social Media Management?

With Social Media Support, we create a strategy that you can implement. We consult with you and your team and provide the tools you need to succeed. In some cases, we can post for you, often covering promotional, sales, and news announcements for you. This allows you to post the engaging, informative and “fun” stuff.

With Social Media Management, Black Château will completely manage all posting and profiles for you. Social Media Management is perfect for busy writers, business leaders, companies and personality brands who don’t have time to implement their social media strategy.

Social Media and the Author Network

The Author Network is designed to help support your social media efforts. Promotions often increase your followers. We frequently post about clients on our social media platforms, as do book bloggers, media professionals, press, and third party partners that we work with. Being a part of the Author Network has a positive impact on many author’s social media efforts.

How Much Does It Cost for Social Media Support and Management Services?

Based on your needs, Black Château will customize your Social Media Support or Management services. We look forward to hearing about your project and discussing a retainer that suits your goals. Let’s talk about them.

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