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Building a Strong Online Presence with SEO and Content Marketing Services

Boost Your Online Profile with SEO and Content Marketing

As an author, if you want to be found in search results, then optimizing your website and developing a content and blogging strategy is what you need. Global Book Writers’s SEO and Content Marketing services are “baked into” many other strategies such as Public Relations, Social Media, and Website Design. Many services are done with SEO in mind because we believe in an integrated marketing approach. We also know that when SEO and Content Marketing are done right, they organically produce the best results.

What if I need Comprehensive SEO and Content Marketing Services?

From strategizing your content calendar and doing your keyword research, to website audits and creating content, the Global Book Writers team can help. This is often done with Website Design and Development.

If you already have a website, a thorough audit is conducted to determine the best strategy for your website. If you need a website built from scratch, we can create the plan. We divide the work into two categories: strategy and action. Our work is based on your level of involvement and needs. We can consult, do everything, or take a hybrid approach that does a little of both.

How Does SEO Work for Authors and Personality Brands?

Just like with SEO for any brand, it begins with getting to know you and your message, which is done in conjunction with Global Book Writers Branding Services. We then do keyword research and identify the keywords and keyword phrases to use on your website and in your content strategy. Your keyword research also integrates with Amazon keyword research done with Self-Publishing Support. Often, these integrated services are done according to a strategy that is outlined in your retainer over several months for best results.

One of the goals of SEO is making sure you and your brand performs well in SERPs. That means that the keywords people search for brings your website to the first page of a search: a Search Engine Results Page. That is done with an on-page SEO strategy. Off-page SEO is accomplished with a good Public Relations strategy, Social Media, and a backlinking strategy.

The good news is, most individual authors need a light SEO approach. However, for companies and more active personality brands, a robust plan is possible. Talk to us to find out what level you may need.

Do I need Content Marketing?

The Global Book Writers team can help develop and support your content marketing strategy. We can show you how to use your keyword research on your website, while blogging, in your social media and email marketing. The Author Network even has Audience Building components baked into it, meaning we help create email lists and gain followers for your social media sites. If building a readership, engaging followers, and creating a fan base is your goal, then a Content Marketing plan is for you.

How Much Does It Cost for SEO and Content Marketing?

The Global Book Writers SEO and Content Marketing services can be bundled into your retainer. We look forward to hearing about your project and discussing a retainer plan that fits your needs.  Click here to get in touch with us today.

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