Self-Publishing, Book Covers and Interior Formatting

Become a Self-Published Author with All the Support You Need

While there are many hybrid publishers out there and freelancers who can help with the technical aspects of publishing your book, they may not offer the one-on-one support you’re looking for. If you need help creating your metadata, navigating your Amazon or Ingram dashboards, researching comp titles, researching keywords, developing pricing strategies, interior formatting and cover design, we can help.

The best part, unlike working with a publisher, you remain in full control. You will always have access to your dashboards. We will even provide training videos so you can refer back to the self-publishing support and consulting provided. And royalties are sent directly to you, not to us.

Plan on Self-Publishing Your Book? We Can Assist You Through the Process

Self-Publishing may seem daunting in the beginning, but with our guidance and support through it will get you there. You will work one-on-one with our self-publishing expert, or you can take a hands-off approach and let us handle it all. Our custom plans are adjustable to suit your preference.

What Interior Formatting Services Are Available from Global Book Writers?

Global Book Writers offers book cover and interior formatting services as part of the self-publishing support. To publish your book, you’ll need the print and digital copies of your manuscript formatted the right way, and our experts not only make sure your manuscript complies, but that the interior is high-quality and professional.

How Can Global Book Writers Help with My Book Cover Design?

They really do judge books by their covers. Our designers capture your vision and brand when creating your book cover. You will see several concepts and we will do several revisions to get it just right. Our book covers have won awards, and yours could, too.

How Does Self-Publishing Support and the Advertising Boost Work Together?

Amazon and other major online retailers are powerful search engines. The Global Book Writers team ensures that your book is marketable by doing keyword research, looking at your book categories to identify bestselling potential, and crafting a book description that gets attention. Your book cover design, pricing strategy, creating advanced reading copies, and even the first few pages all need to be in sync for an Advertising Boost to be effective. Your advertising plan is then developed based on that data, as well as by determining the best advertising methods and platforms for your book. We create an ideation using a mix of social media, PPC, Google, Amazon, email, remarketing, and third-party platforms as advertisers. Becoming a bestselling author may be on the horizon with the right strategy. Talk to us to see if your manuscript has the potential to be a best author.

How Much Does It Cost for Self-Publishing, Book Covers and Interior Formatting Services?

Global Book Writers provides a bespoke retainer depending on your needs. We can evaluate your manuscript and the scope of the project to determine pricing options. Contact us to learn more.

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