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Editing, Ghostwriting Services and Book Proposal Consulting

Global Book Writers provides bespoke editing and ghostwriting services by pulling in the best talent for your book’s needs. Content editing, line editing, copy editing and proofing, as well as ghostwriting services are all options for you to consider.

What Do Global Book Writers Editing and Ghostwriting Services Include?

The editing and ghostwriting services offered by Global Book Writers are customizable based on your needs. Our experts will examine your writing style, evaluate the clarity of your message, your voice, story, pacing and theme, and then make recommendations.

If you have an exciting idea and are looking for a ghostwriting expert, we can help. Bring us the premise, and let’s discuss your writing goals. Our professionals can transform your story into a finished product and a marketable manuscript.

How Can Global Book Writers Help with Book Proposals?

Global Book Writers offers consultation, book concept evaluation, and book proposal recommendations.

How Much Does It Cost for Editing and Ghostwriting Services? What Are Your Book Proposal Fees?

Global Book Writers can customize your editing and ghostwriting services into a retainer that meets your needs. We can also add editing services to Self-Publishing, Book Covers and Interior Formatting services. Let us know how we can assist you.

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Learn from the best editors who are extremely professional at their work.

Our mission is to help emerging authors turn their manuscripts into compelling, saleable books that will make their mark on the world. We’ve worked with several first-time authors who have become the best among other notable distinctions. Our team of highly vetted editors, matching methodology, and editing process are carefully curated and designed to ensure you reach your utmost potential as an author.

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