Branding, Logos and Design

Defining Your Brand and Creating Your Author Platform

Creating Unique Brand Identities to Stand Out

Branding services by Global Book Writers are well-balanced, creative, and practical. The goal is to elevate your branding and online presence. We work with you to understand and craft your brand’s verbiage, talking points, messaging, and can even create the visual assets needed for compelling and consistent online storytelling.

Global Book Writers Branding Strategy and Action

Our branding has a two-step approach and is intended to help build your author platform or your brand identity as a personality. The first step is the strategy, followed by action.

We begin by defining the look and feel of your brand with a color pallet and visual elements. This informs the style you adopt for your logo, website design, and brand assets. Our brand development and media expert will work with you to determine your brand’s messaging and positioning based on the topics your book or brand evoke. Our approach is holistic, meaning your brand integrates into many different practical aspects of who you are.

Building Your Brand Bible

By combining the visual guide with a clear brand voice and tone, we create a Brand Bible to ensure everyone involved is consistent when portraying your brand. Your social media posts, talking points for interviews, advertising copy, messages delivered during speaking opportunities, website copy, and even your book’s descriptive copy and SEO keyword research, is all part of your brand. Our strategy is integrated, bringing this all together for you.

Putting Your Brand Strategy Into Action

Once a unique strategy is defined for your brand and your book launch, we can take action. Our approach will be customized to suit your unique needs, and usually involves the design or redesign of your website to match the Brand Bible as well as the implementation of your Social Media and SEO plans. Your monthly retainer can include a bank of art hours of art to use for graphic design to help create your digital assets.

If you use our Website Design Services, the Branding Strategy will help make it both creative and functional to provide the best user experience. Many of our websites have won awards, and yours might, too.

How Much Does It Cost for Branding?

The Global Book Writers Branding services are customized for your needs. We generally work on your branding as the first service in your retainer. We offer other services to support you through your book launch and can customize a plan based on your needs.

Let’s talk soon and craft a retainer plan that fits your goals. Click here and contact us to discover more.

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