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Are You Ready to Be Interviewed About Your Book?

Global Book Writers regularly lands clients media placements with radio, TV, podcasts, print and online outlets. If you’ve written a non-fiction book, chances are you have a powerful message to share with the world. Fiction authors often have a compelling story behind the story. Often coupled with Branding Services, we can help develop your talking points, your areas of expertise, and assist with media training to get you the media attention you and your book deserve.

Public Relations and the Author Network

Both tiers of the Author Network have a Public Relations component. This might be just what you’re looking for. If a higher level of media pitching and top level placements is on your wish list, we can help with that, too. A custom plan can be designed to give you the level of public relations that you’re looking for.

Public Speaking and Events

If speaking at events and on panels is what you crave, we can help. Many Global Book Writers authors speak at and appear at events like The BookFest®, West Coast Writers Conferences, the Beach Bound Book Bash, Jingle Books and more.

Public Relations Pricing

Global Book Writers proudly offers affordable media pitching included within both tiers of the Author Network at the $850 and $1400 levels. Few firms offer a comprehensive plan at those prices. However, we know many clients want more frequent press interviews with top-level media, or want to focus on speaking opportunities and events. Let’s talk to discover what works best for you.

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