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There’s so much more to your book’s design than its cover. Make it stand out with a smart layout and thoughtful typesetting. We've handpicked the best interior book designers to start working on your next best seller.

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What's available?

Completely custom book layout design

We don’t do generic, templated design. With GBW, you’ll get a bespoke book layout that sets you apart from the competition. All of our designers are hand-vetted and rated for their quality, so you’ll know you’re working with the best.

Typesetting, Logo marks & icons

Upload your manuscript and let our professional designers do the rest. They will arrange your words onto the page so it's incredibly easy for readers to absorb. Our designers can make your beautiful book unique (on the inside, which is where it counts). They'll create amazing stylized chapter pages suited to your genre, including logo marks or icons.

Full book interiors

Our designers can use text, imagery and color photos to make your cookbooks, photo books or children's books the best they can be.

How it works

1. We assign a designer

Global Book Writers assign you a design so you can share your ideas and discuss the details of your project.

2. Collaborate

The designer gets to work! You review designs as they come in and provide your valuable feedback.

3. Finalize your project

We finalize your design, and send you all the parent files when the work is complete.

Need more than interior book design?

You've done all of the hard work. Now, it's time to create the cover & internals for your next best seller.

Cover Design Package

  • A kick-off phone call with our creative director to discuss potential concepts and throw around some ideas
  • A minimum of 4 cover design drafts, based on your specifications, 10 days after the kick-off call.
  • We begin with the front cover, and work our design from there.
  • Unlimited changes (within reason) to one of those book cover drafts until you’re 100% happy, or we’ll design new drafts!
  • A selection of 3D renderings of your cover for marketing purposes
  • A high resolution JPEG ready to upload
  • A layered Photoshop file of your cover
  • One of the following “hero image” options:
  • one non-exclusive rights managed image from one of our premium stock sources
  • one 3D created character or scene (PLEASE NOTE: Simpler cover concepts are almost always better. If a scene is too complex and has too many competing focal points, then it makes that cover less effective.)
  • An illustrated cover
  • Royalty-free stock images from Shutterstock.com (over 360 million images)*
  • Barcode generation for your ISBN
  • Print-ready PDF file for all printing services of your choice (e.g. KDP or Lightning Source)
  • Audiobook Cover
  • A Facebook or website banner

Internal Design and Layout

  • A professionally formatted, print-ready PDF file of your book for paperback
  • Professionally formatted ePub and Kindle (KPF) copies of your fiction book
  • A table of contents
  • An author photo
  • Your cover image (check out our cover design & formatting packages if you need a cover to be designed)
  • Unlimited formatting changes until you’re 100% satisfied with your layout
  • Font styles and chapter headers
  • Additional images needing to be placed inside your book
  • Content edits
  • Image editing or manipulation
  • The creation of charts or graphs from raw data
  • Text boxes or decorative elements

Finalize your project

  • Fully illustrated book
  • Full-color or grayscale / black and white
  • Digital or traditional media
  • Up to two illustration concepts to review (per illustration)
  • Collaboration on up to two revisions per chosen illustration concept(s)
  • Final file(s) formatted to your eBook or traditional printing needs

Step by step


Choosing a style

The first step in creating the perfect cover design is choosing the best suited design style for your project.

Exchanging ideas

If you already have an idea of what part of the story you’d like the cover art to depict then I’ll do my best to include it in at least one of the draft designs.

Initial designs

Review the draft designs

Creating the initial concepts usually takes around 10 to 15 business days. Once the draft cover designs are ready you will receive a preview image of each of them.

Choose your favorite

Out of the initial designs you can now choose your favorite one. This concept goes next into the revision phase.

Revise & finalize

The revision process

Once you choose your favorite cover art I’ll proceed with the tweaking phase. You can request a set of revisions and I’ll tweak the design as much as it’s needed to make it perfect.


The final ready-for-publishing files are now carefully prepared to match the publisher’s guidelines.

Covers that demand attention

Yes, people do judge books by their covers, and we’re here to make sure yours is dressed for success. Bringing your book’s story and message to your audience is an art we’ve mastered.

Pages that keep you turning

A well designed book interior that reflects the mood of your content is critical to anysuccessful literary venture. From simple text books to complex photographic layoutsand everything in between—we have you covered

Check Out a few Trailers

Set up a call with one our talented producers who can walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

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Honestly, I was a bit sceptic at first. But Global Book Writers has caught me an awe. They refused to back down and worked endlessly to provide me exactly what I wanted! Highly recommended!

Megan Nolan

My experience with Global Book Writers has been tremendous. The moment I received the first draft, I knew these people have a grip on what they do. I would recommend them!

Julie Carrick Dalton

Honestly, I would give them a 10. Their process was smooth and comfortable, especially my interviews. I had been thinking of getting my story out for years and Global Book Writers helped my dream come true.

Nancy Johnson

I would highly recommend the Global Book Writers. My experience so far has been amazing, and I have a few more manuscripts to be published, and I know this is definitely the place to go to!

Rachel Lynn Solomon

What I loved most about the Global Book Writers is that they were continuously making efforts to give me what I wanted. If for some reason, I did not like what I received, they always came up with the solution and the end result was exactly as I anticipated! I will definitely come back again!

A.Natasha Joukovsky

I absolutely loved my experience with the global book writers. My favourite part were the interviews. The interviewer definitely had knowledge of what I was talking about, and guided me to the direction through which my thoughts could be shaped into a book! I am glad I chose them!

Elizabeth Gonzalez James

I only had a story, and rest I was dependant on the Global Book Writers. The way they brought my story out in words I couldn’t have put myself, I am awe-struck! It was as if the writers they have placed themselves in my shoes and then wrote it. Highly recommended!

Melody Razak

I believe I couldn’t have got a better ghost writing services provider. I didn’t really have to do anything than just communication, and my book was ready in no time. I’d definitely give them a 10!

Abigail Dean

I have a whole series that I need to get edited and published, and this is definitely the place I would want to go to again! The welcome call explained me the process, and nothing ever stressed me out after it. Each time, I knew exactly what he progress of my book was, and their weekly deliveries kept my heart at rest. Indeed, the best editing and publishing service provider!

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