The Not So Evil Trade of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting has stirred up considerable commotion in the literary realm. We have authors and writers arguing back and forth for and against the moral integrity if the trade and no conclusion as yet has been reached. Let us first elaborate on the infamous trade as best we can.

Here is how Merriam Webster defines it

  • Intransitive Verb:
  • To write for and in the name of another.
  • Transitive Verb:
  • To write (a speech, a book etc.) for another who is the presumed or credited author

Thank you, Miss Webster, we will take it from here.

Ghost writing as evident from the definition is an author or a person employing a writer to write for you or sometimes as you. The nature of engagement varies. We have authors who just give a brief of their content allowing the hired writer creative freedom as long as the contents stays within the desired standards of the employer. Then there are authors or people who are constantly consulting, guiding and engaging with the hired writer in the process of writing. So far so good. Right? Wait. The moral grievances that arise are discussed in the second part of the definition,which is whether the writer that actually writes, get the credit for the work.

An accusation so grave that might seem harsh at first but going down the rabbit hole might tell a different story.

Heres what ghost writers will want to tell you:

Ghostwriters are Professional Wordsmiths:

People actually believe that Ghostwriters are just people writing to make ends meets. A conclusion sad and wrong at the same time. Ghost writers in reality are professional writers, many a times with related degrees. They are well versed in the trade of literature and they are not desperate people who are trying to feed some mouths. The world of literature is replete with niches and writing styles. It is impractical to master all the styles and it is only logical, verging on smart to use a person with expertise on a particular style for a specific style of writing. Many famous writers borrow the services of ghost book writers in their writing endeavors for just this reason. A few fan favorites to mention here are Ian Fleming, James Patterson, Tom Clancy. Worth highlighting is the fact that authors give the ghostwriters a worthy nod or mention in their works. The need for professional writers can be accentuated by the fact that there are emerging platforms catering specifically to the trade. A leader in the line is Global Book Writers-A ghost book writing enterprise which started as a local outfit today is global and engaging writers from around the world.

Ghostwriters Create, Handle and Understand Content:

Ghostwriters and ghost book writers are not just ready pens for hire. Whether it is writing articles or writing books it is certain that a grasp of the way words are used in the market desired. Afterall literature is not confined to paperbacks and tomes. The digitalization of the world has swept the world of literature under its vicious wings too. For literature to survive, literature have to adapt. Global books writers and ghost books writers make that happen. In the digital world literature is usually referred to as just “content”. Ghostwriters have expertise with “Content” given that they work specifically to sell and are more familiar with the popular trends and rule of handling your content. They are skilled with techniques like SEO which ensures that your book or your work contains the desired literature for it to be noticed on the digital market. If not familiar with its ways, hiring yourself an experienced ghost book writer will save your book from being lost in the digital market.

Ghostwriters Save Time:

Ghostwriting is not evil and this is our Coup de Grace of our defence. See, in the digital age today writing is not just for writers trying to mesmerize with stories and for poets to ink down sonnets. Writing today is a tool. Specially for the digital market. A tool to engage potential audience. Crisis like this necessitates special people with specific knowledge of how to engage this audience. Rather than wasting time trying to handle such a challenging task it is intelligent that a person who specializes in the field handle it. After all time is of essence when it comes to business.

The moral judgement and infamy around Ghostwriting seems exaggerated. It is accused of discrediting authors and writers of their due share, this can not be anymore far from the truth. HP Lovecraft, James Ramsey, Katherine Anne Porter are just a few names that worked as ghostwriters to practice. Ghostwriting platforms such as Global Book Writers UK, give talented writers an opportunity to practice their trade and a gateway into the literature industry. Many people who have commendable and adaptable writing skills can use ghostwriting as a skill to make good money for themselves.

We can go on but I think the case has been made.

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