The Guide You Need for Book Marketing

The most common query we usually encounter from the existing and upcoming authors is: "What would be the method to move forward and market my book after publishing it?”I will be mentioning the fundamental keys to how our authors are trained to advertise or market their books. Mainly, I would like to mention three things:

Section 1:

What are the three initial points to keep in mind when marketing your book? What you have to do is to draft your thoughts on three main events:

1- You don't have to specifically market the book, the book itself will work as a marketing tactic.

2- The whole process of book marketing takes time, it's not a single task to be accomplished within a day.

3- People focus more on what receive after reading a book than the book. Remember, your book will only benefit you if it benefits your readers.

1- You Don't Have to Specifically Market the Book, the Book Itself Will Work as a Marketing Tactic

The most common blunder made by authors is putting an effort into book marketing. Which is not very much effective in this case. Because selling a book is never their priority, their purpose of doing that is to fetch something else using the book they’ve published?

We have concluded that authors are more inclined towards what a book brings to them rather than the book itself. In general, what they get from a book are these six main elements:

1. Increase their impact:Increase the reach and impact of their book, a book can mark a great impression in so many ways, it can create its image and the image's reach could be used for marketing purposes for increasing the personal experience weightage as well as for marketing intentions.

2. Gaining recognition:The benefits of a good book goes to the author mostly. An author gains recognition in the market and starts becoming known for the work they do after publishing a good read.

3. Creating demand:More doors for work easily open by a book. A book can create high demand in the market very easily and produce more work in the future for the author.

4. Opportunities to speak:A book can create a shot for the author to speak about the book publicly. It becomes a platform that gives you voice.

5. Using it as a messenger: A book can do wonders such as spreading a message to unheard ears and help people remember their story for their lives. Remember, words create an impact.

6. Impression on the minds: Sometimes authors are not writing a book forpublishing a book making money, their intention sometimes to write a book could also be to just create an impression on the reader's mind which they know would be lasting rather than selling words to newbie readers who might forget once they’re done with the book.

These are the conclusions which have been made after an incredibly vast experience, following these all or at least some of these could get you fruitful results in terms of making money as well as making an identity as a renowned author in the market.

After writing a book every author would like his book to be the top-selling book of the year but not every author thinks the same way. For some, it is only an add-on if their book becomes the top-selling. There are other things also that are more important to them one of them could be to get more recognition through their work.

It's not that they don't like selling their work more but they believe in long-term benefits which they could get by working on creating a name in the market.

There is a fine line between your voice being heard through the book and getting fame through the book. This is not necessarily important because if your book is a best-seller, it has also made an impact on peoples' minds. Maybe you're just getting the fame but your voice is still unheard because of the target of the wrong audience.

There is an example; popular people have a voice. They have a platform to raise a voice, to give a message because they know people are going to listen to them. If you would be as popular as Leo Tolstoy or James Joyce then there could be a chance that marketing your book could draw your voice to so many ears and help you market your book to millions of people. But if not, it will take time to become that voice.

You being a not-so-popular writer in your budding phase could propel you to write because of some other benefits as you right now cannot leave a legacy of being a voice behind you so this is the only motivation as of now.

This is how a perspective could change everything. After reading this you'll be using the book to gain other benefits rather than marketing a book separately. Those who are new to writing or authors that just have become authors will require a different strategy to market a book that is:

The best strategy that would produce you some good results is to use your book as a tactic to acquire what you need rather than marketing it. These are very tiny facts that differentiate both things.

2. The Whole Process of Book Marketing Takes Time, It's Not a One-Day Episode

The whole process of book marketing and book launching takes a lot of effort, time, and skills. All authors aim to do that but time management, event management, the correct strategy is not a thing that could be done by everyone. Scheduling an event with any specific purpose and then managing it till the purpose gets fulfilled along with handling all the criticism is a thing that actually matters.

Apart from that, no guarantee putting in an effort will give you a result. Not only that, the whole idea doesn't work for every author. It mostly works for authors and writers that have a good reach. Their readers wait for them to launch books to read, for such authors the event goes successful. The authors that are new and organizing such events with that intention do not have very many chances to boost their sales because they don't have that many followers if they compare the audience to experienced authors.

It would be better if you rely on long-term strategies to promote the book and increase its market. A one-day event for a beginner is more prone to generate fewer results. A long-term strategy could produce better results. If you occasionally work on the marketing of the book or may come out fruitful.

3- People Focus More on What They Get After Reading a Book Than the Book

It may sound weird but that's true. But if you see this thing as an optimistic person you might find this statement useful. That's a tried and tested formula for the book marketing market that the writers are more focused on what they are gaining from publishing a book. They look for long tenure benefits.

Good authors know that a long period of advantages could only be taken by when the book stays in peoples' minds for more than usual time. A longer impact would work more efficiently in this case. Authors know already that if they will write out any random stupid story in their book, people will read it and then forget if they have ever read a book of this author. But obviously, if you will write good and meaningful content in a book it will get hooked to the reader's mind for the rest of life. Most of the books that are marked remarkable in history have some meaningful content to read. If the quality of the service you are providing is great, the efforts for marketing are reduced automatically because the content starts marketing itself. The same process goes to the people of other fields.

The people focus more on what's written in a book rather than who writes that book. A good book can create a difference in your life and to your mental health in so many ways. People recommend books to their friends and family not because the books are written by the most popular author but because it contains a meaningful message or a story. This fact is universally proved that people do not care about the author they care about the content.

Section 2:

Lay the Roots for Book Marketing

The core objective of setting this step is to create a basic base for the book marketing purpose and cashing these resources. Marketing a book needs a longer period; it's not a one-time episode. From writing a book to proofreading, finalizing, and publishing it's already a hectic and exhausting process that does not end in book marketing but continues to other events too. It would be an intelligent move to utilize premature resources.

Step 1.1: Use Your Alliances

Do your homework before marketing your book. Sit back and gather all your contacts to a place. Contacts from your workplace, allies from the place where you live, the tea friends, the very close relatives, neighbors, or other people. Gather all of these contacts to a single place and contact every single contact, you never know who will be helping you in your cause. Contact people with a high following on social media. Non-Celebrity people can also help you if they have a good following. Focus on people who do social media talk shows, have contacts with other celebs, or are the admin who runs large social media groups. Anyone who can help you with your cause.

Every single person will be playing some role, ask everyone to do whatever they can do while being in their capacity. Every person would be contributing some audience to your marketing. Make some marketing posts with attractive graphics and captions so that people would be reading the posts with attention. Try posting these posts on social accounts and groups where people have a higher reach.

Every platform has its own reach, let's suppose if you approach 50 people at a time, chances are that 10 from those 50 will return you with some response which is an average estimation.

Step 1.2: Get Prepare to Publish your Book on Amazon

There are always several deals going on Amazon for the publishing of your book. You can avail yourself of any of those deals anytime if you want to publish a book on Amazon.

Step 1.3: Try to Fetch Reviews on Amazon

The moment your book goes live on Amazon and is in the early phase, what you can do is to ask people to review your book on Amazon which could help you in long-term benefits. Initially, you can ask your friends to give your book a read and review it on Amazon. it on Amazon. Meanwhile, you may get reviews from the audience you don't know which will also help the book to have overall good reviews. Nowadays people trust Amazon like no other which could benefit you in making your sales higher than ever and boost your marketing rate.

Don't feel shy to ask people for reviewing your book on Amazon. You can make a list of contacts that could help you in this case, that contacts could include your relatives, your close friends, your office colleagues, your neighbors, you can ask them to read your book and review them on Amazon. If reasonable, then try to provide the PDF copies of your book to people and ask them to review your book on Amazon. This plan could get you an amazing reach of people for the marketing purpose of your book in a very starting phase that would also give a positive impact on people by seeing such good reviews on a book in this much early phase. If feasible then ask your friends to buy the book from the website of Amazon, that too would help you in this case. These strategies could give your book marketing an instant boost which is a good thing.

Step 1.4: Make a Network of your Own

Usually when an author is new in the market people don't know much about him. You can gain benefit from this situation. You can create your market and find people who had just started reading this wouldn't take that much convincing. Moreover, they will recommend your book to their new circle of readers too.

There are some tips to fascinate your audience:

1- Use Social Networking Websites

  • ● Post about your book on Facebook
  • ● Post your book on other social networks
  • ● Post about your book on Reddit
  • ● Post about your book on Instagram
  • ● Include the hashtags that would boost the reach
  • ● Use intelligent hashtags
  • ● Post on Twitter about the book and tag those people that seem relevant to reading
  • ● Post about your book on LinkedIn
  • ● Talk about your book in live sessions on social networks
  • ● Come live on Facebook and mention your book
  • ● Post in those groups on Facebook that has a good reach and have a larger community number
  • ● Post on any social media platform that you think could help to
  • ● Create event pages on Facebook and try to add more and more people to those event pages so that a better number of people would get to know that a book in the market is coming from such an author

Technology these days could help you in ways you cannot even imagine. Use any platform that you think could help you for marketing purposes, use newspapers, use other mediums, use social media networking websites, search on Google for the platforms on which you can post about your book for marketing. Search for the forums that include group discussions there you can have a good audience that will also be relevant to your purpose.

2- Reach out to People Individually

Maybe this sounds awkward, but in the beginning, you have to market the book by yourself. and nobody could help you the way your circle could. you can ask everyone by messaging them personally and telling them about your book, maybe any of them could help you with the marketing thing, or maybe any of them could ask you to get a book for themselves. You can Email people and advertise about the book through emailing too. You never know, maybe your friends are waiting for the good news that you have a book for them.

3- Try to use Google for your Benefit

If you are smart enough you should know that Google too could help you to market your book. You could make a website where you can put the announcement of publishing your book or simply just put a PDF of your book for free and ask someone to optimize your website for the search engine. This means when someone would ask or write for a good read on Google's search bar they will get to see the link of your website in the first five displaying results, which is a good practice to market your service. Today, many people use this marketing tactic to boost their sales and hire people who know how to do this job. The people who know how to optimize a website will do their homework and find out the competitive websites which are not letting your website come up in the first 5 search results and will use tools and optimize your website.

Step 1.5: Count Your Book as your Property

When your book is published, the next step is to think about how to market your book and start working on the promotional schemes. There are some tips on how to do this in much easier ways:

  • ● Attach your book to your email watermark on your signature. According to a survey, generally from an average account, almost 95 emails are sent by a person in a single day, which makes a count of 30,000 for your signature. That has been emailed for free.
  • ● Attach your book with your social media accounts
  • ● Edit your bio section on Facebook and Instagram as well as on LinkedIn or if you have a YouTube channel you could promote your book there too.
  • ● Add the link of your book in the bio description of your social media accounts
  • ● Create a graphical image that includes some words about the topic of your book and try to market that graphical image on the internet
  • ● You can use some very easy websites on the internet which allows you to use royalty-free images to create a banner of your own
  • ● Even if you don't know how to create a banner you can utilize the tutorials which are available on YouTube on how to create a banner
  • ● Order some of the copies of your books and give them away to your office colleagues, friends, and your close circle with a nice sticky note.
  • ● You can give away copies of your book to those people who have a good following on social media pages.
  • ● Influencers could promote your work via stories and posts on the Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • ● Some of the Instagrammers and Facebook content creators do it for free and some charge for marketing. It depends upon their reach, their subscribers, and proposed response. This could create an impact of goodwill to people as well as your book will get introduced and people will get to know that this book has been written by you. They are bloggers, storytellers, and influencers who could help to boost the reach.
  • ● You can try Facebook paid marketing tool which asks you the days and hours you want your ad to be advertised. To date, people have responded with very good reviews about the Facebook paid marketing tool.
  • ● Facebook has all the data about the peoples' gender, area of residence, age, and what work they do. People who are using Facebook that helps to market the ad in front of the right targeted audience through their data.
  • ● You can set your preferences in the filter portion of the Facebook advertisement section which asks you to select the audience and their specifications that include their details. This whole process works on an algorithm that doesn't depend on how much money you are investing in it also depends upon the quality of your content. The response of the audience is their own choice. Facebook is only responsible for the marketing but the investment and the marketing both are correlated for Facebook paid marketing.

Step 1.5: Presentation of your Book

This section is all about what your book has been written on and how you present your book or market it to the audience.

To aid our authors about the ideas to market their books we first ask some basic questions about their experience and perspective based upon their marketing campaigns, which includes:

1. What do you think is your targeted audience?

2. Which media strategies are you willing to focus on?

3. If you get a chance to put a headline on the ad of your book to present it on some news channel, what would it be?

1- Who do you Think your Targeted Audience is?

This is a proven formula that if you work on the audience that you know is somehow relevant to your niche, even if it is a small audience, it could give you results faster than any other strategy. This specified targeted audience ensures that your book has reached the right ears even if they are not much in number. That person will recommend your work to their allies and circle.

2- Which Media Strategies are you Willing to Focus on?

You must be aware of the most common marketing strategies which are used to market books. There is also a strategy which is; talking about your book in those meetups which have writers, authors, publishers, and storytellers. The purpose of these meetups is to promote the talent which is left unseen, underrated, and unheard till now. They work as a community to help that writer, author, publisher, or storyteller and help them overcome their issues as a newbie or experienced one.

3- If you Get a Chance to Put a Headline on the ad of your Book to Present it on Some News Channel, What Would it be?

The core purpose of this practice is not to have people and test their ability to write headlines, it's about putting your mind in a state where it is forced to think to present the book in the most possible appealing way which is the most important thing.

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