Popular Music

Popular Music is music which has a huge audience, and followers, and is usually represented and carried out by the music industry. Both performers, and followers of this music require no standards to participate in it. However, it is mostly considered art. Popular Music first initiated in the late 19th century, alongside the discoveries of Thomas Edison and Emilie Berliner. While much of the popular music is written and composed by famous celebrities, or people who gain recognition through it, several of it is written by ghost writers as well. Ghost writers produce lyrics that music producers, record labels or singers singlehandedly purchase, including its copyright as well. Most of the ghost writers in this industry are also known as songwriters. Moreover, many purchase deals also include royalties, where the ghost writer is promised a certain amount on every CD, or record sold. However, no credit is ever promised, nor is it expected as the mere basis of the deal is to buy the copyright of the art, mostly. In the music industry, celebrities, record labels or music producers who mostly engage with ghost writers are found to be associated with rap music. Rap music is a music which began as a black culture music, mostly representing protests, and later evolved to a much broader spectrum. Rap is a huge part of Popular Music.

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